We are targeted...
Targeted individuals of America
My name is Yerachmiel Ben Avraham, My son's name is Josef Ben Avraham. The targeting began in April 2014. We didn't know what was happening to us. My wife trembled constantly. We saw many doctors but the trembling and pain continued. After four months of suffering, she died in pain.

My son and I didn't know what to do. The targeting became terrible at night. We were dizzy during the day, and our legs were filled with pain. We went to see doctors and they did nothing.

Finally, one of the physicians that we were seeing examined my legs, feet, and chest, .and said,
"I know what this is. " I looked at him bewildered and exhausted.

He sighed and said; "You are targeted."
I had no idea what he was talking about. He spent about twenty minutes explaining all that was taking place. I was astonished and afraid, that something like this could go on.  The Doctor told me not to mention his name when I spoke about it because he would be ruined and lose everything. 

My son and I left the Doctor's office and I told him exactly what the doctor told me. When we got home we impatiently began researching and reading all that we could find on the subject. I am determined to fight back. My son and I went to the police, and were threatened for talking about Gang Stalking. But we kept on fighting. We had to change our lifestyle completely. (Our lives depended on it)...

We partnered with other TI's that we found on the net. I had to adjust to the fact that this was really taking place. Our auto was broken into and all of my papers were stolen. We had our tires slashed and were being shot hourly with their weapons. I am seventy-nine years old, but I keep on going for my son.

My son attends Park University He is studying law and is a fighter. I am working on my Ph.D. at Post-University, but we have time for the Targeted community.   We receive calls from all over the world and give advice on shielding for protection. This has been a difficult road to travel but we travel it daily. 

We help the targeted community as much as we can. Help us help others.
 My son and I worked hard to prevent the electronic stalkers from hurting us. We created items that would stop the                                                                                             discomfort so we would live.
       we made helmets to protect our brains                  from being damaged by direct energy                                            weapons
Strong Call To Action
             Why am I a Targeted individual? 
 Targeted individuals are chosen for many different reasons.  People are being targeted all over the world. This is organized crime and there is a great deal of money involved.

According to the book " Bright Lights and Black Shadows " by Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde, there are thousands and thousands of innocent people being terrorized daily, She was a targeted individual, working for the Finland government. She was a targeted individual and suffered much, stress and pain. There is no one specific reason a person is chosen to be targeted, other than your death means that someone will be paid. Some of the people targeting others (depending on their level in the different organizations) are being paid $17.00 per hour for tormenting you, a  family member, or friend. The bonus is done when they have achieved to kill their mark.

Most people have no clue as to what is going on. All they know is that their lives are being destroyed each day. They go on for years running and hiding until they realize that they can not run from it, or hide from it. The world has changed...